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Yoga for Weight Loss: Beat Binge Eating!

Considering yoga for weight loss? Here’s one way yoga helps: it improves your mind-body connection, helping you to resolve your feelings instead of “stuffing” them. A recent study at Australia’s Deakin University backed up this theory! Read on.

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Can’t Do Yoga? Watch This Amazing Yoga Transformation!

Think you can’t do yoga? You need to see this amazing and inspiring yoga transformation! Arthur Boorman was a disabled veteran who couldn’t walk, and weighed 297 pounds. No one thought he could do yoga, either. One man took on … Continue reading

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Yoga Tips for Beginners: Which Yoga Type is for You?

If you’re new to yoga, the many types of yoga may baffle you. Where to start? Try these yoga tips for beginners. This article describes several yoga types and should help you decide which yoga type is for you.

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Yoga for Weight Loss

Have you thought of practicing yoga for weight loss? Yoga doesn’t burn as many calories as more strenuous exercise routines, yet yoga has been shown to help with weight loss. How can that be? Read on and learn!

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