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Yoga Eases Anxiety & Depression, Increases Quality of Life for AF Patients

Your emotional state plays a role in nearly every physical disease – from heart disease, to depression, to arthritis and cancer – according to Dr. Joseph Mercola. Even the conservative Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that 85 … Continue reading

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How Yoga Relieves Stress

Stress! We always think of stress as a bad thing. But there are actually 2 kinds of stress, distress (the one we don’t like!) and eustress (the good kind). All change places stress on the body and mind, but some … Continue reading

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6 Best Yoga Poses for Insomnia Relief

Is a good night’s sleep eluding you? I’ve tracked down the 6 best yoga poses for insomnia relief. Make these part of your relaxing bedtime routine for a better night’s sleep. You’ll have a better tomorrow!

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2 Relaxing Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief [video]

Your back does so much work for you: lifting, twisting, bending, supporting your body. Now give your back some support with these 2 relaxing yoga poses for back pain relief. The poses use props to support you as you ease … Continue reading

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Yoga for Back Pain Relief Works Better Than Pain Killers

When you’ve got back pain, think yoga! Studies are showing that yoga for back pain relief works better than pain killers. Chronic back pain has been notoriously hard to treat. Now here’s a natural solution: Yoga!

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Yoga Poses Offer Relief to Diabetes Sufferers

Diabetes rates are climbing out of control, and one in four Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes, according to Dr. Joseph Mercola. He warns: by following conventional medical advice, you could be putting yourself on the path toward life-threatening health problems—and … Continue reading

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Restorative Yoga Props for Healing & Relaxation

Need a little support? Having restorative yoga props for healing & relaxation at hand can provide both a physical and emotional boost. Here are some great tips on why you’ll want to invest in a few yoga props at a … Continue reading

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Are you looking for natural relief through yoga?

Welcome to Yoga Relief Tips! Together with visitors like you, we’re building the biggest and best collection of yoga relief tips on the internet! Some of the topics we cover are: yoga breathing for stress relief yoga poses to relieve … Continue reading

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AntiGravity Yoga Relieves Compressed Joints, Fans Say

Up in the air! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a – new yoga trend? Yoga practicioners are taking to the air in a recently developed yoga type named AntiGravity Yoga. Fans of this yoga type say AntiGravity yoga … Continue reading

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Yoga Benefits Include Increased Self Esteem, Reduced Stress

Warning! Once you start practicing yoga, you may never stop! “Yoga is wonderful and can be transformational,” says Theresa Brandabur of Amara Yoga & Arts. “I can’t imagine my life without it.” The Mayo Clinic tells us that yoga benefits include … Continue reading

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