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photo of the website owner and editor Louise MyersWelcome to Yoga Relief Tips! Here you’ll find the best yoga tips, news on yoga benefits, and advice for yoga beginners. We search the web daily, evaluating dozens of articles, selecting only the best information. Save time by checking Yoga Relief Tips for the best advice to enhance your yoga practice.

Yoga Relief Tips focuses on the practical, physical benefits of yoga, including articles on which yoga poses to practice for specific pain relief or stress relief. We don’t offer medical advice, so please check with your doctor before starting a yoga practice, or if you’re experiencing chronic pain, anxiety or depression.

I’m LuLu, the Senior Editor for Yoga Relief Tips. I’ve been practicing yoga for three decades. I’ve done yoga at home, taken yoga classes, and am currently a member at a yoga studio in the Los Angeles area. I’m a freelance graphic designer by trade, and you’re welcome to visit my graphic design portfolio. I hope you’ll join me on this journey to learn more about the healthful practice of yoga. Namaste!

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