Yoga Poses for Neck & Shoulder Pain [video]

Cat-Cow Yoga Poses for Neck & Shoulder PainLife can get to be a pain in the neck – and shoulders! Try yoga poses for neck & shoulder pain. The Mayo Clinic reports that practicing yoga on a consistent basis provides many health and therapeutic benefits, including weight loss, improved fitness, and pain management. If you’re tired of neck & shoulder pain, try these yoga poses to help relieve your symptoms in a natural, gentle manner – in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Yoga Poses for Neck & Shoulder Pain

From being hunched over a computer, to sitting in a car, to holding the phone with your ear and shoulder–our neck and shoulders start to hold tension around our ears, which causes rigidity in the neck and eventually leads to pain and loss of mobility. Yoga exercises work and stretch the neck and shoulders and help to align the body and ease stress and strain.

Cat Pose [photo]

Cat pose is a basic kneeling posture that increases spine flexibility. It gently massages the spine and stretches the neck and back. It is done on all fours in a “tabletop” position. On an exhale, the spine rounds toward the ceiling, and the head releases toward the ground. Transition to cow pose and move between cat and cow pose three times.

Cow Pose [photo shown above]

A counterbalance to cat pose, cow pose stretches the neck and front torso, relaxes the lower back and mobilizes the lower back and sacrum. Done in the same “tabletop” position, the belly sinks toward the floor as the spine curves and the head lifts to a 45- degree angle. Move between cat and cow pose three times.

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Yoga Poses for Neck & Shoulder Pain

Enjoy this soothing 11-minute yoga routine for neck & shoulder pain relief.

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I hope you’ll practice and enjoy these yoga poses for neck & shoulder pain. I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below. And to make sure you don’t miss any of our helpful Yoga Relief Tips, sign up for our weekly newsletter today!


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