Yoga Poses to Relieve Stomach Pain and Digestive Disorders

yoga easy pose to relieve stomach pain and digestive disorders

Have you tried yoga poses to relieve stomach pain and digestive disorders? Millions of people suffer with chronic digestive disorders, and many more experience occasional stomach upsets. Are you among them? Before you resort to harsh remedies, try yoga poses and belly breathing. The easiest and most relaxing yoga poses are actually the most effective! Read on for pose suggestions, and a belly breathing video.

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Yoga Poses to Relieve Stomach Pain and Digestive Disorders

Those who practice yoga receive a wealth of great emotional and physical benefits, but did you know that yoga can also help ease and even prevent the painful symptoms of many common digestive disorders? For some people, the pain can be so debilitating that it often interferes with daily life. In many cases, medication does little to ease the symptoms, and the side effects can sometimes be worse than the disorder itself.

If you’re one of the 62 million Americans who are diagnosed with a digestive disorder each year, including IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases), ulcers, Celiac disease, Chrohn’s disease, acid reflux and more, you should consider practicing yoga.

Of course, anyone with a serious illness should always speak with their physician, and it isn’t a cure all, but yoga can not only relieve stress which has been proven to exacerbate symptoms of digestive disorders, it can relieve the symptoms themselves.

Yoga poses that specifically help to relieve IBS, include the classic easy pose [pictured], the cat pose, and half spinal twist. Poses [that] squeeze and twist the organs may actually help relieve gas and constipation common to IBS. Gentle poses are best for diarrhea.

Breathing exercises can help immensely. The breathing techniques used in yoga help relieve digestive problems by releasing stress and detoxifying organs. Belly breathing can be a very powerful tool in combating pain. Start with just five minutes a day and work your way up to 15 minutes.

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Belly Breathing Video for Stomach Pain and Digestive Disorders

Grab a pillow and relax! Take 5 minutes to try belly breathing to relieve your tummy troubles.

You may also wish to look into dietary modifications to help alleviate your digestive problems. I’d try a natural approach before resorting to harsh medical interventions. Of course, it’s always wise to consult with your doctor and make a well-informed choice.

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    What a great way to relieve tummy aches.
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    I find flying a lot causes digestive disorders. This was a great tip – and came just at the right time (just got back from a flight from Europe) Thanks!

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    Excellent yoga tips. Will pass them on to friends and family too. Thanks.

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