Yoga Poses for a Strong, Healthy Back

yoga poses for a strong, healthy back

Child's pose: This yummy yoga pose is good for your back!

Whether you’re in a snowy area of the country or not, these yoga poses for a strong, healthy back are excellent to practice. Keep your back strong with yoga and you’ll be ready for whatever chores life throws at you!

Yoga Poses for a Strong, Healthy Back

The following yoga poses and shoveling tips can help keep you strong, fit and protect your body from injury when the sidewalk is knee-deep in snow.

Recline Twist

A flexible spine is a healthy spine, especially when it comes to shoveling heavy snow. Practice this twist before and after shoveling.

Lie down on your back with your right knee pulled into your chest and your left leg extended on the floor. Reach for your right knee with your left hand and roll onto your left hip. Extend your right arm out to the side. Hold for 10 deep breaths and switch sides.

Locust Pose

You must have a strong back or hurling snow will tire you before the driveway is clear. Practice this variation of locust pose to support the extra strength you will gain from shoveling this winter.

Lie on your stomach with both arms by your hips, palms facing the ceiling. Lift your upper body and both legs. Hold for 30 seconds and then come down. Rest for another 30 seconds before repeating. This exercise may be repeated up to five times, preferably on the off days when you do not have to shovel any snow.

Child’s Pose

Avoid sudden muscle spasms and strains by practicing this simple and relaxing stretch before and after shoveling. Come onto your hands and knees. Simply stretch your hips back over your heels and rest your head on the floor or on a pillow. Stay in this pose for up to three minutes.

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The shoveling tips are to bend your knees, move from your core, switch sides, and breathe! And might I add to know your limitations, and don’t overdo.

Take care of your back with these yoga poses for a strong, healthy back, and your back will take care of you. If you’ve already done more than your back can handle, check out our posts on yoga for pain relief. Take care out there!


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