Yoga Breathing Exercises to Relieve Stress [video]

Yoga Breathing Exercises to Relieve StressToo much to do, and not enough time to do it? Try yoga breathing exercises to relieve stress. Even if you don’t have enough time to go to a yoga class, you can practice relaxing yoga breathing techniques at your home or office, with this soothing 4-minute video. Take a break to relax and recharge! Here are several ideas from on natural ways to relieve stress.

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Ideas to Relieve Stress

1. Set aside “Me time.”  It may sound selfish, but you need to do it. Get a massage, get your hair done, read a book or a magazine, watch a hilarious movie, meet a friend for coffee or hit the gym.

2. Eat smart. Drink Less.  Understandably, if you eat a lot of junk and don’t get sleep because your schedule is packed, your body will wear down.  It does not have the energy and the strength to cope, according to WebMD. People get sick or get in family fights as a result of pushing their dietary and sleep habits to the limit.

3. Reach out to family and friends for support.  Statistics reveal … that those with plenty of family and friends around them feel better during difficult and potentially dark times. Spending time with others, and especially helping people, will take your mind off your situation.

4. Just say “No”.  Overbooking and overcommitting yourself is a definite way to end up being depressed, as reported by experts. Saying “no” to people, obligations and events, although hard, will save you from unwanted stress. Try to prioritize your commitments and accept only the invitations that you can deal with or actually want to take part in.

5. Try deep breathing exercises.  Slow, even, abdominal deep breathing relaxes your mind and body. Yoga has been shown to lessen stress and anxiety and promote feelings of well-being. “The practice of yoga posture called hatha yoga, calms the mind by centering our full attention on relaxing the body and breathing correctly.”

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Yoga Breathing Exercises to Relieve Stress

When you’re already in the throes of stress, take a few minutes for yoga breathing so you can look at things afresh!

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6 Responses to Yoga Breathing Exercises to Relieve Stress [video]

  1. Donna says:

    Great post! You always cover important subjects with succinct and meaningful material and great videos that are so useful. Stress is such a pervasive health issue. This post is particularly important today!

  2. It is amazing how we are born committed to our breath and as we grow into the stressors of life we get more and more disconnected from it. From what I have gathered over the past few years, oxygen is one of the main inbuilt healers of our bodies. Breathing exercises can only help us get more of it.

  3. Shalu Sharma

    Very good video and technique on breathing. I am a fan of yoga and do some basic yoga here and there and it does work. I will try this one out as well for stress.
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