Yoga for Weight Loss: Beat Binge Eating!

Yoga for Weight Loss: Beat Binge Eating!Considering yoga for weight loss?

Here’s one way yoga helps: it improves your mind-body connection, helping you to resolve your feelings instead of “stuffing” them.

A recent study at Australia’s Deakin University backed up this theory! Read on.

Yoga for Weight Loss: Beat Binge Eating!

One of the biggest reasons we get into a binge-eating cycle is because it’s a powerful coping mechanism, temporarily distracting us from feeling of anger, boredom, or sadness. “Yoga addresses the mind-body component that’s so important to breaking a food addiction because you learn how to process these powerful emotions rather than distracting yourself with food. Each of the poses is meant to teach you to breath through your unpleasant sensations and feelings, while increasing the flow of energizing oxygen, and calming your central nervous system,” says Mark Gerow, a mind-body specialist, Yoga for Athletes teacher, and author of the upcoming book: Years of Posing: A Yoga Teacher’s Struggle With Addiction and Trauma.

The science backs it up: Overweight women who took one 60-minute yoga class a week, and started a daily practice for a few minutes at home reported less binge-eating while also lowering their BMI, and hip and waist measurements, found researchers at Australia’s Deakin University. Moreover, other studies show that doing yoga lowers levels of stress hormones, which helps to boost insulin sensitivity, and aids your body in burning food as fuel rather than storing it as fat.  source

All good news, right? If you’ve had a weight loss with yoga, please tell us about it in the comments! If you think others could benefit, give it a “Like” via the button below. Wishing you much success with yoga for weight loss!


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