Mindfulness Exercise to Benefit Focus & Health: Video

Mindfulness Exercise to Benefit Focus & Health: VideoMindfulness exercise – in today’s hectic world, do you need this?

I know I do!

I found a simple and relaxing mindfulness video that’s great for beginners.

You may want to pin or favorite this page so you have the video handy when you need it. I’ll be practicing with it daily!

Mindfulness Exercise Video

Find a comfortable seat and enjoy this 4 minute video!

How Mindfulness Benefits Focus & Health

Recent studies have shown that mindfulness exercise:

  • Reduced mind wandering
  • Improved ability to achieve goals
  • Increased cognitive skills
  • Reduced levels of stress-induced inflammation

That last benefit could help people suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and asthma.

An important point to remember is that multi-tasking is the opposite of mindfulness. Studies have shown that multi-tasking is NOT effective anyway, so remember to stay focused on one task at a time!

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LuLu has been practicing yoga for three decades. She's done yoga at home, in yoga classes, and is currently a member at a yoga studio in the Los Angeles area. A freelance graphic designer by trade, she welcomes you to join her on this journey to learn more about the healthful practice of yoga. Namaste!
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2 Responses to Mindfulness Exercise to Benefit Focus & Health: Video

  1. Marcy says:

    I didn’t think I was going to like this when I first started it–I didn’t like the delivery of the voice. But I gave it a second chance, and it really put me in deeply–so thank you, LuLu, I shared it on my Facebook page, and I think I will try it again tomorrow, as you suggested.
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