Summer Yoga for Heat Relief: Flo Yo! [video]

Summer Yoga for Heat Relief: Flo Yo!Too hot for hot yoga? Think summer yoga for heat relief: Flo Yo! Floating Yoga – practiced on a paddleboard. If you find it hard to balance on a mat (I do), try balancing on a paddleboard! But – it’s summer! If you fall off, you’ll enjoy some sweet heat relief.

Enjoy this fun 6-minute video of Flo Yo summer yoga practiced by LA-based Equinox yoga instructor Dice Iida-Klein. It’s inspiring!

[photo by Marcelo Terraza]

Summer Yoga for Heat Relief: Flo Yo!

We hear that Flo Yo is hot as Bikram yoga on the East coast, and is taking over the West coast next. Dice’s advice? Don’t be afraid to fall. “You have to fall to realize it’s not so bad. You gain a certain confidence from it that gives you the freedom to move forward and put 110 percent effort into it.”

And hey, it’s summer, so enjoy the heat relief from Flo Yo – Summer Yoga!


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6 Responses to Summer Yoga for Heat Relief: Flo Yo! [video]

  1. O.K. – Heat index today 103 – great ideas but don’t think I’ll try what Flo Yo is doing…. Thanks for the tips….

  2. Romy Macias says:


    He makes it look SO easy!



  3. Mark Hunt says:

    Hi LuLu,

    He is truly amazing, I still have difficulties balancing on a stable ground, so I can’t even consider balancing on a paddleboard. LOL…

    Thank you so much for sharing,

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