Meditation and Yoga for Chronic Pain Management

Meditation and Yoga for Chronic Pain ManagementNeed to manage chronic pain? Recent studies have shown that yoga is a valuable component of a chronic pain management plan. Cytokines, markers in the body that indicate inflammation, have been found to decrease after people do exercises like yoga. Yoga also helps you become more aware of your body, which can help reduce pain.

I found this outstanding video on the problem of chronic pain. Give it a watch – it’s only 5 minutes, and I think you’ll find it entertaining as well as informative.

Understanding Pain and Chronic Pain Management

New evidence based approaches to chronic pain management.

The particular yoga poses to practice will vary depending upon the location of your pain. Start with yoga breathing (click here for free video), which will benefit your overall well being, and relieve the stress and hopelessness of struggling with chronic pain.

Are you open to trying meditation? Meditation provides greater reductions in pain intensity and pain unpleasantness than medications like morphine! Here’s an awesome 10 minute guided meditation for chronic pain management.

Chronic Pain Management Guided Meditation

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5 Responses to Meditation and Yoga for Chronic Pain Management

  1. Donna says:

    How do you always find such good videos? These were wonderful! Thank you so much.

  2. Great post!
    You continue to come up with great Yoga tips! Thanks for sharing.

  3. chris says:

    Please Lulu could you help me wth what kind of yoga for chronic pain as i have rhuemitoid arthritis. I would probably do at home so a dvd would be great. thank you chris

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