Yoga for Sciatica Pain Relief [video]

Yoga for Sciatica Pain Relief

Pigeon Pose is a great yoga pose for sciatica pain relief.

Have you tried yoga for sciatica pain relief? I’ve experienced complete sciatica relief through my yoga practice. Tight muscles are often at the core of sciatic pain, which is caused by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve, and/or another spinal nerve. The results can include pain, tingling, or numbness in the lower back, glute, leg, or foot. Stretching the lower back, hips, glutes, and hamstrings with the right yoga poses can provide relief!

Yoga for Sciatica Pain Relief

Here’s a quick and easy yoga practice that you can do several times a week to relieve your sciatic pain. You should notice a lessening of pain in a couple weeks.

Child’s Pose – Kneel on a mat or towel (knees together or apart) and allow the tailbone to relax back toward the heels to release the lower back. Walk the fingertips out to lengthen the spine and rest the forehead on the mat. Soften the belly and hip flexors to allow yourself to fold forward. Hold for 6-10 breaths. Relax the body on each exhale.

Yoga for Sciatica Pain Relief

Downward Facing Dog – From child’s pose, keep the hands where they are, flip the toes under, and push the tailbone up and back to lengthen the spine. Keep the shoulders relaxed away from the ears, soften the space between the shoulder blades, and work the heels toward the mat to lengthen the back of the legs. Hold for 6-10 breaths. Notice if the heels can work toward the mat as your muscles soften and lengthen.

Yoga for Sciatica Pain Relief

I found a wonderful free video – Jen Hilman demonstrates the best yoga poses to ease the pain of sciatica. I apologize for the ad at the beginning, but the video is worth it – and you can skip the ad after 5 seconds 😉 The full video is 14 minutes and contains great advice and precautions.

Enjoy your yoga for sciatica pain relief! Please let me know in the comments how this helps!


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8 Responses to Yoga for Sciatica Pain Relief [video]

  1. Kathy H says:

    When your lower back goes out – you know it!
    Will keep this on hand – just in case….
    Thanks for the info. your amazing!

  2. Stacey says:

    Oh my word – that’s EXACTLY what I do when my lower back gives out… and I didn’t even realize they were yoga poses! They bring soooo much relief.

  3. Peter Gehr says:

    These tutorials are great and I’ll be trying them to help me with my lower back pains. Thanks!

  4. Amanda says:

    Thanks Lulu, I just did something to my back last week, pity I didn;t see this post!

  5. Diana says:

    So glad I found these videos for my sciatica pain!

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